How The White Girl Got Her Spots And Other 90s Trivia

Video and Sound Design for HOW THE WHITE GIRL GOT HER SPOTS AND OTHER 90s TRIVIA as shown at Ars Nova’s ANT Fest 2017. Created with kinetic typography, found footage and sound.

What did the brown bump say to the white skin? In this musical mythography, Grill and Chowder ride a jazzy, indie-folk score across waves of nostalgia in search of a history that holds them, even when they’d rather it let them go.

Created by Misha Chowdhury & Laura Grill Jaye
Directed by Misha Chowdhury & Lindsay Tanner
Music Direction by Laura Grill Jaye
Set Design by Peiyi Wong
Lighting Design by Abigail Hoke-Brady
Video & Sound Design by Kameron Neal
Dramaturgy by Lindsay Tanner